How the meal planner works

Creating a meal plan is very easy and will save you time and money. Follow the steps below and stop wondering about what to cook this week and what ingredients to buy, our meal planner will do all that for you!

Visit our inspiring ideas section and find easy recipes that are great for family and friends!

1. This is where you create a meal plan.

It's a seven-day meal plan that can start on any day of the week that you want it to. You just click Friday if you want your plan to start on a Friday for example.

Click the Friday button to make the meal plan start on a Friday.

2. Add a recipe by dragging it onto your plan.

When you find a recipe you like just drag it onto a slot on the meal plan. If you want to know more about a recipe before dragging it, just click the image or title to see the full recipe.

Try dragging the recipe below into your meal plan.

Chicken Parmigianna
Chicken Parmigianna


Chicken Parmigianna Recipe

4– Main Course

Chicken breasts baked with tomato and basil sauce, breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese. View recipe

£3.26 per portion. Ready in 40 mins

Loyd Grossman

3. Three ways to find recipes you'll like.

Visit our 'meal plan ideas' page, where we've collected together favourite recipes under themes. Clicking a meal plan idea takes you to lots of suitable recipes to add to your plan.

Browse all of our recipes. Click on 'create a meal plan' to see all the great little ideas you can meal plan with. There are filters and sorting options so you can find exactly what you need.

Search for a specific recipe. When you search for a recipe, the search results are draggable, just like all the other recipes on the site. Just drag results you like on to your plan.

4. Print your meal plan and recipes.

Once you're happy with your meal plan click on the I'm done, use my plan' button.

You'll need to confirm your email address, so we can send you links to your meal plan, shopping list, and all the recipes you'll need. You'll need to be able to locate them quickly and easily once you've shopped for their ingredients.

Once your email's confirmed, we'll take you to your meal plan, where you can print it out and recipe cards too, if you want to.

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5. Buy your ingredients.

Now all you need to do is buy your ingredients. You can either print out a shopping list to take the supermarket, or you can shop online at ASDA, Tesco or Sainsbury's.

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You're ready to create a meal plan!

Get started now, take a look at our meal plan ideas or create your own meal plan:

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